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Do your clients create email promotion campaigns?

We offer the best solution for mass newsletter mailings. Sign up for your AllyNews plan!
The Allynews service consists of the activation of a very complete, easy-to-use tool called “Smart Mail.” This tool, installed on Allytech’s servers dedicated exclusively to the mass mailings allows users to send a mailing via email to a database of contacts. Mailings can be based on a template, text, HTML code or can be a webpage simply indicating the corresponding URL.

– Tracking of mailings
– Report with the total number of open emails
– Report with total number of unique open emails
– Report of clicks on each link included in each mailing
– Breakdown of the contacts that opened the email
– Breakdown of the contacts that clicked on each link
– Tool to compare campaign reports
– Graphic display that simplifies the analysis of mailing performance
– and much more…

You will be able to manage your database of contacts, with automatic opt-in/opt-out options for mailing subscribers; in addition, the system will clean email databases, removing emails that bounce due to “Unknown user” or “Mailbox unavailable” or some other permanent error, ensuring clean and up-to-date databases, thus avoiding Spam complaints

There are plans for distributors: