Distributors of Allytech’s services

You offer your clients our Shared Hosting solutions

We offer you unlimited growth opportunities.

Plan features

    • Real, independent domains with 5GB of available disk space each
    • Unlimited POP3 email accounts with unlimited aliases.
    • Distributor control panel to manage your sites
    • Allynews: 2,000 mailings per month per domain at no charge.
    • Independent control panel for each domain, which you can personalize with your logo.
    • Up to 50 Gb. of data transfer per site per month.
    • Online statistics
    • Online Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam system
    • Allytech Premium Support and Monitoring
    • Hardware servers built on the latest technology.
    • Possibility of reselling our entire product portfolio (email marketing, templates, VPS, web design, programming, SEO, etc.) with differential pricing.
    • Private label, Allytech’s branding is invisible to your clients.
    • Possibility of configuring your own DNSs and much more…

To become an Allytech distributor and start reselling any of our services to third parties, sign up for an Allytech Distributor Plan for at least one of our services.

By joining our Network of Distributors, we will create a customized access to the Distributor Panel for you, so you can manage your domains, register and/or unregister domains, suspend sites, monitor client data, etc.

Each one of the domains on this plan is completely independent of all others; therefore, each site is assigned its own Control Panel and username so that your clients can manage their own domain if they choose.

The commercial operation between Allytech Distributors and their own clients is independent. Allytech does not interfere in that relationship, therefore you can resell each domain at the price and conditions that you set based on your own criteria. In addition, you can personalize your control panel with your logo so that your clients see you as a direct supplier of the services you are reselling.

Each client has a unique set of needs and requirements. Take a look at our reasons why we suggest that you always offer a VPS solution as the best alternative given its technical and functional advantages. Helping your clients grow their business is the most profitable course of action for your company!


  • Annual payment plan: USD 12,84 per month
  • Biannual payment plan: USD 14,21 per month
  • Quarterly or monthly payment plan: USD 16,44 per month

USD 12,84

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  • Annual payment plan: USD 17,07 per month
  • Biannual payment plan: USD 18,25 per month
  • Quarterly or monthly payment plan: USD 21,40 per month

USD 17,07

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  • Annual payment plan: USD 33,68 per month
  • Biannual payment plan: USD 35,90 per month
  • Quarterly or monthly payment plan: USD 41,84 per month

USD 33,68

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  • Annual payment plan: USD 53,88 per month
  • Biannual payment plan: USD 59,30 per month
  • Quarterly or monthly payment plan: USD 68,21 per month

USD 53,88

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Free setup

No setup fee to activate your hosting account.

The best human quality!

We use the best technology and provide best customer service.

Your email wherever you are.

Send and receive emails from webmail at no extra charge.

Free aliases and forwarders.

You can create up to 5 aliases and forwarders at no charge.

Copies of backups.

For your peace of mind, we back up your files daily.

PHP, MySQL, Perl

We support the most commonly used databases and programming languages.

Web design

Let us quote you a price for a custom website design with everything you need.

Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam

All our plans include Anti-Virus and Anti-Spam software.

Email marketing service

Allynews. Up to 2000 mailings per month at no extra charge. (Depending on your monthly plan)

Online statistics

You will be able to consult statistics for each section of your site.

Cutting-edge technology!

Our world-class datacenter has the best technology available.

Your site always online.

No need to worry about anything, ever.

You offer our services to your clients; we offer you unlimited growth opportunities.
These are our plans for distributors: