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3 VPSs or more

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There is a global trend driving a demanding market: IT experts are migrating toward VPS modalities or other cloud-based models.
Companies highly value their online presence; they know that if an email does not arrive on time or downtime of their websites means real losses for their businesses. Company growth and advertising investments mean greater demands on their technological platform: transactions increase, requiring faster answers and greater flexibility to install new applications. All this, in a traditional shared hosting platform, is more complicated; with a VPS, these greater needs can be easily addressed. The cost-benefit ratio amply justifies the transition to the higher service level that virtual private servers imply.
VPS and the cloud are related to virtualization technologies already widely disseminated in the market; this is a paradigm that has arrived to stay. The market for these types of services will continue growing inexorably.
Reselling traditional hosting services is not a bad business, nor does it mean your offering a poor-quality service. For any person, professional individual or company whose priority is low cost, and its online presence is not decisive for their operation, traditional hosting is still an excellent choice, and Allytech is the most reliable provider.

You will earn more money with less time spent on support and happier clients.
Reselling Allytech’s VPS services can take your company to a new level, climbing to a more profitable and professional business, with greater service quality and lower support cost.
1 Higher profitability: Prices are managed on a different scale than traditional hosting. This also implies profitability on another scale.

2- Lower support costs: In this type of service, stability and performance achieve very high levels; customer complaints about the service are very uncommon. This translates into satisfied customers with very low support needs. And the requirements that your clients may have regarding the operation of their business generate higher income from value-added or greater specialization services.

3 – There is increasing client acceptance of this technology. The world’s brands—Cisco, HP, Microsoft, VMware, among many others—are investing millions of dollars in disseminating Cloud-based VPS solutions. Be part of the transformation this is generating!

– 100% administered by Allytech
– 99.9% guaranteed uptime
– Attractive discounts based on sales volume.
– Wide variety of operating systems and control panels.
– Dedicated IP address with optional SSL
– DNSs and Reverse DNS with your name (optional)
– Private label

When an online operation is critical to your client’s business.
When your client requires a mail and web solution with 100% guaranteed uptime.
When your client needs to install specific plugins.
When your client has high volumes of traffic and visits.
When the idea is to install development environment.
When the idea is to install applications or ecommerce environments.
When platforms like Joomla, Drupal or other high-traffic forums are involved.
When your client requires an advanced security setup.
When your client requires an optimized custom platform.
When your client’s web content is promoted in high-impact advertising campaigns.
If you have a client with needs that match any of these circumstances, the best solution is one of Allytech’s VPS plans.

1. Security and trustworthiness; you do not share services or resources with third-party sites.
2. Low cost, with all the advantages of a dedicated servant.
3. Flexibility to install any necessary software and features you need.
4. Stability and speed of access, your site and your emails always running!
5. Better positioning in search engines, Google values quick access to your site!
6. System image backup of hard drive, quick restore of your VPS if needed.
7. Scalability, immediate availability of resources to absorb increases in traffic and data.
8. Unlimited number of domains, databases and email accounts.
9. Dedicated IP address, (Spam free, SSL support, configurable firewall).
10. Automatic updates and Allytech’s premium support

There are our distributor plans:

* Discounts are applied to plans based on Allytech's retail prices.


Your site works faster!

Greater stability, reliability and access speed.

100% dedicated resources

No shared services or resources with third parties
World-class datacenter with the best technology available.

Free setup

No setup fee to activate your VPS Cloud.

The most robust mail server

Email platform on our Cloud VPS is equally suitable for small businesses and large enterprises.

Fully managed servers

Ready-to-use control panel and webmail

Much more than a virtual server

Our Cloud VPS are managed with guaranteed uptime and include Allytech's premium support.

Disk image backups included

Quick restore solution for your Cloud VPS if necessary.

Unlimited settings

Unlimited number of domains, databases and email accounts.

Super flexibility

Scalability, immediate availability of resources to absorb increases in traffic and data.

The evolution of the dedicated server

In addition to being more flexible and reliable, Cloud VPS have a lower cost than a dedicated server without sacrificing any of the advantages.

Free HTTPS / SSL certificates

All our Cloud VPS Linux with control panel support the integration of Let's Encrypt SSL certificates at no charge.

Dedicated IP

Every Cloud VPS has its own unique public IP address. Ideal for establishing a good reputation online and for sending emails that will not be received as spam.