IT Services

We specialize is customer care for large corporate and SMB clients. We represent in Argentina the main global brands in the IT industry.

Our IT services include outsourcing of IT resources, technical support, wiring, consulting and IT project implementation, among others.

  • • More than 20 years of experience backed by the industry’s leading brands. The highest level of technical support, highly skilled personnel with the vocation for customer support with technical certifications from the industry leaders.
  • • We simplify purchasing processes—assuring the best delivery times and financing plans—so we can accompany companies in today’s challenging business scenarios. The quality of customer care and support is our main differential.
  • Over 20,000 wired work stations, support for more than 2,000 jobs (on-site support/help desk).
  • Ongoing investment and strategic partnerships with leading brands.


Desktop software, servers and cloud services




PC and laptops. Printers and monitors. Servers and storage


Servers, laptops and desktops.


Software and cloud services


The full line of networking and communications solutions


Virtualization solutions


Intelligent energy management

Strategic partners

Cisco (Select Partner)•Hewlett Packard (HP Preferred Partner)•Intel (Gold Technology Provider)•Microsoft (Certified Partner, SPLA & MPN Member)•Lenovo (Silver Partner)• Adobe (Authorized VIP Distributor)• APC (Select Partner)•VMWare (Solution Provider Partner)

Other brands

We also sell the following brands’ products: AMP, Dell, Dlink, Epson,  Fayser, IBM, Iomega,  LG, Plantronics, Samsung, Sony, Symantec, Toshiba, Western Digital, Xerox