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Nicolas Burd
IT Manager / Geopark


We are very pleased with Allytech's service and the customer care we have received. They are always willing to help and to resolve our requests. A trustworthy supplier

Alejandro Terk
Technology Manager / Gla S.A.

Gla S.A.

We have used many of Allytech's services over the last 10 years. It's a long list. In every case, we have had optimal results. Price, quality, commitment and knowledge sum up our opinion about Allytech and their people.

Gastón Barcia
Director / Xaga


At Xaga, we design campaigns for important brands with a high degree of exposure. At Allytech, we found the ideal technological partner to implement the online actions that we create. Their advice, flexibility and quick turnaround on implementations are core values for us.

Virginia Ronco
Head of Institutional Communication / Food Bank of Buenos Aires

Food Bank of Buenos Aires

We migrated some time ago to Allytech's Virtual Private Servers (VPN) from another platform. We are continuously launching promotion campaigns that help us to grow traffic and visits to our site. We are very satisfied with Allytech's service.

Zetenta Digital Agency

We have worked with Allytech for more than 10 years; its VPS servers provide us with a cloud platform with very good local support. We feel accompanied. We value personal communication above all.

Gustavo Sznaider


Our clients generate billions of registries that are stored and processed in our private cloud. The infrastructure--and its administration--is delegated in Allytech since we began operating.

Gustavo Alloro
General Manager / Tempo Software

Tempo Software

We recommended Allytech's VPS - Cloud with Windows Server to all of our clients for running our application using the remote desktop feature.

Guillermo Palavecino

Agencia Digital Animus

Today almost all our clients work in Allytech. The technical support is in my opinion the most important differential. The response time is very good. The team has the experience and they really know what they are doing.

Inés Grau
Marketing Manager / Clever (Grupo Latyn S.A.)

Clever (Grupo Latyn S.A.)

We needed to ensure our clients can always access the site with a very good experience in terms of speed. Creática developed the site and recommended this infrastructure solution. We are very satisfied.

Uno Propiedades

Uno Propiedades

The website is a valuable platform to publish our ample supply of property listings. It is the main vehicle for establishing a direct link with our clients. More than four years ago we started working with Allytech and we are very happy.

Aureliano Peralta

Creática Digital Communication Agency

Allytech's virtual servers are very stable, and their performance is far better for clients with high traffic demands, as occurs with special events like Hot Sale, Cyber Monday, etc.

Machi Mendieta
Invasor Diagonal / Cartele Project

Proyecto Cartele

For many years, we used the hosting services of a company abroad but in today's market we found it difficult to justify the cost, which led us to look for a local service solution in Argentina. We chose Allytech because we knew that cost-benefit ratio was good, and even more importantly, they offered good support services with a telephone number you can call with a real-live operator on the other end.

Sebastián Penella

Guía Púrpura

It is fundamental that our site works correctly and that our users do not suffer any delays. That is why the stability, speed and security that Allytech's service offers is so important to us.

Christian Cester
Branch Manager / Lepore Property

Lepore Propiedad

In general terms, the company's activity oscillates between our newsletter and the website; Allynews is a very important tool for us. Sometimes we use it on a smaller scale when we needed to establish some mailing rule for the emails for different types from clients.

Carlos Caffarelli
Director / Cemece


Allytech's response was very good. The truth is that we has no idea how much traffic we were going to have with Carrera Cartoon. We hadn't estimated traffic levels. Allytech's advice was spot on: they recommended one of their plans and it was exactly what we needed. There wasn't a single moment when the site didn't work properly.

Guillermo Hindi


We switched from another company, moving from a traditional hosting model to a VPS, mainly for the higher storage capacity; this change greatly benefitted us, allowing us to reach a higher service level than we had before.

Natalia Corral Vide
Criosho / Criosho


There was a high demand on the technological platform; because a contest was involved, the application had to be always available and perform well. We achieved that with Allytech's services. The company offered us a complex monitoring system and ongoing support that made it possible to handle peaks in activity.

Ramiro Araujo
Director of Technologies/Ogilvy / Promo Elaión

Promo Elaión

We didn't know what kind of impact the campaign was going to have, and we had just a short time to develop the application and to get it up and running at a time of year when a lot of people go on vacation. We chose to run it on a VPS because it is a flexible solution that gave us some peace of mind thanks to its scalability, which is necessary to ensure a good user experience for participants.